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So [ profile] theepiccek gave me three people for this ninth-grader meme:

1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

She gave me Neil Patrick Harris, John Simm and Ben Barnes. )

So... there's that.

Also, [ profile] miss_mishi and I are comprising a list and we need your suggestions:

Five existing Time Lords the Doctor is clearly forgetting through his haze of emo and survivor's guilt: )
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Give me a character and I will give you at least five facts about them according to my own personal canon. This can range from their birthday, favorite color or even their earliest memory up to what they had last night for dinner.

Obviously you should pick a character I know, otherwise I will just say "sorry, please play again".
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Today (or was it yesterday?) [ profile] shiiki made a post that happened to link to this "HP Companion" thing, and I decided to peruse the whole thing. I'm obviously not into Harry Potter like I once was, but the books -- especially Philosopher's Stone -- still give me a kind of warm squishy feeling (otherwise known as "nostalgia" but stfu, I like "warm and squishy") and so the site made me go "awww". Plus I actually read a thing or two I didn't already know, which is really saying something.

If I was more eloquent this might be a post about childhood and/or nostalgia or something, but I am not, so instead I bring you a POLL. For SCIENCE.

Somehow by way of Twilight and Doctor Who I gathered a lot of people on my flist who ship H/Hr. So I bring you questions. For science, and great justice.

[Poll #1352688]


On a totally unrelated note, look a meme:


I don't usually do these. I guess I was feeling narcisstic. Link me if you've got one!
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iTunes' Halloween mix includes the (oldschool) Doctor Who theme and Hedwig's Theme (which is just called "Harry Potter"), as well as a crappy cover of Thriller by some woman. Who wants a cover of Thriller?

Speaking of Halloween, I hope you all had a good one. I was a crazy cat lady, but for whatever reason I never ended up using my camera so there are no pictures. The party I went to was ...retardedly dramatic. Drama of the highschool variety, to be specific which is I guess what happens when you try to date highschoolers. It was hosted by my friend Joe, who is my friend Candice's ex (and they dated for four years), and it featured:
-Joe's new lady of interest; they've been on like one or two dates
-Candice's "interest" in this lady of interest
-Lady of Interest flirting with Some Other Guy
-Kid From Highschool telling Candice that Lady of Interest "likes Joe but wants to fuck Other Guy"
-Candice indignantly telling Joe about Lady of Interest's interest in Other Guy
-Joe getting really really drunk
-Candice tending to really really drunk Joe while Lady of Interest and Other Guy mysteriously disappear for a long while
-Possibly there was some hole-in-wall punching as well lol Andy

All in all, not the best party I've ever attended. I had intended to stay the night but I ended up getting a ride home from Lisa and Kyle (who were dressed as Satine/a prostitute and Christian/a Rabbi respectively. Lisa insists he was Christian, but everyone -- and Kyle -- agreed that he looked more like a Rabbi) because I wasn't really ~feelin' it~... plus when Lyle left I'd be basically alone with a bunch of high and/or drunk kids ...and Will, who was neither. Will claims to have found a new respect for my status as the Obligatory Sober Person, LIRL.

Most of the other costumes were unremarkable ("I'M A CAT LOL" x 200) and I don't have pictures anyway so sorry, but definitely my favourite was Joe and Chris' pair of Captain Hammer and Dr Horrible. I think I got minor street cred (or internet cred) for actually recognizing them right away. I was also the only one with ovaries who seemed to understand why Mark took to playing "Never Gonna Give You Up". Candice's was pretty good too, she was Miss Scarlett from Clue.

Obligatory meme (because no one cares about the rest of this stuff): Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you. )

For those of you who are cool enough,'s Annual (Harry Potter) Christmas Fic Exchange is opening up again, so you should all go sign up now so Christy doesn't eat my face. The exchange fics are notoriously AWESOME so obviously you should go do that now.
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My grandma and her twin sister are visiting, and they and my mom will not stop talking about food/calories/losing weight and it is driving me insane. Oh my God. I even made an "OMFG WHY?" face at my dad as I went up the stairs this morning, hahaha. I mean, they're family and I love them, but it's kind of like having three of my mom in one house, and it's kind of driving me nuts, and they've only been here a day. They leave next... Saturday? AHHHH.

(Fun fact! For the first eighteen years of my life we didn't talk to my paternal grandparents, so I was explaining this to a friend once, how I only really "have" one grandma, and then I mentioned that my maternal grandmother has a twin sister, and the friend went "But if she's a twin then you have two!" Hahaha OH EMILY, TOO BAD YOU SUCK. /bitterness)

Tomorrow we're driving south of the 49th parallel to go shopping. It will be fun, though I kind of wish I was going with my friends and not... my dad and three of my mom. LIRL But I don't even care, I am so desperaet to get out of this country, even if it is for like five hours and we go to upstate New York. I have not gone ANYWHERE this summer. I have wanderlust like nobody's business. Oh, worldly travellers of my flist, I stare at you in envy! Envyyy!

Before this degenerates into a whine about money, I am going to do some memes. BECAUSE YOU ALL CARE SO MUCH, RIGHT?

Michele actually tagged me for one about lj but it bored me, so here's the one with the ~srs bsnss~ questions. )

Hurrah, now you know all about my various social and political opinions! Kind of. Except [ profile] harmonyjam_07 tagged me for this shipping meme, and so any illusion of me as an intellectual that the previous meme may hae created will now be shattered. As if any of my answers were intellectual anyway.

beware the giant pictures below this cut my friends )

Okay so the ship meme took FOREVER, so I'm done here. Enjoy the videos/graphics/whatev.
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This was so disorganized I decided to make it a list, a la [ profile] spadul and [ profile] inksplotched nad everyone else from Twilight on my flist, ha.

1.I bought the new Alkaline Trio CD! It's been like... years... since I bought a new CD, it's pretty exciting. Huzzah for new music of the legally purchased variety! I've only listened through once so far but I seem to like it so... rock on, Alkaline Trio. I kind of neglected you for a very long time. Oops.

While I was at CD warehouse looking for the album, I noticed they had the second season of Doctor Who -- that's the first time I've seen it, or indeed anything Doctor Who related ove here -- for the LOW LOW PRICE of $115. What the hell? $115? Fail. I know full seasons are expensive, but they're usually in the neighbourhood of $50-$60. I GUESS I'LL JUST KEEP STREAMING FROM RANDOM ASIAN SITES, F U BBC.

2. I finally used a portion of my Chapters gift card and got The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, because classic lit makes me feel smart and the cover was pretty? I AM SO DEEP. Actually it's also because I have a "you have to interest me in the first two pages" rule and she won at that, plus I've had people recommend it to me before. And anyway I'm goign to have to read it in the future at some point. That said I've still got $24 -- suggestions?

3. I started watching How I Met Your Mother after repeated insistances from Joe that it is THE GREATEST SHOW EVER OMG.'s not. But it is pretty entertaining, even if it's not much more than your average sitcom. I think I just like Barney. Once upon a time I saw an icon of Ten that said "suit up!" and I wish I had somehow foreseen the future when I would want that icon and saved it.

4. I think this is another instance of "I want to update but I don't have anything to say, really". So for the couple of you I've picked up in friending memes (I am addicted, it's disgusting) --- hellooo! To give you the brief overview I'm Kali, I'm Canadian (if the Canada Day post didn't give it away) and I'm a student which is not really as exciting as it sounds. Probably the only contribution I make to fandom ever is the occasional fanfic, and I mention this primarily because [ profile] anythingbutgrey didn't know that I write for about fifty years and that makes me sad inside because once-upon-a-time I was actually prolific and I identified as someone who wrote, and now people on my flist don't even know? QUELLE HORREUR. Other than that, um, I'm boring.

here's a meme Sara tagged me for that might teach you marginally more about me! )

5. ...Tomorrow/today is Saturday! I'm excited for the finale, but also kind of sad because when this is over I'll be devoid of OMG speculation and fandomness for quite some time. Damn.
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Mostly I just want to pimp a couple things:

The Harry Potter Drabble-a-thon! Because I know all you HP fans are mourning the days of fandom activity and sending jealous stares in the general direction of Twilight, so go! Drabble away! Remember that other better fantasy series you used to love! HURRAH!

Um, I think that's it? I'd offer up fic but I haven't really got any. I'm sort of slowly making my way through that meme and eventually I'll get there, maybe. Or something. I don't know, go find my muse and then we'll talk.

Also, how excited am I for the remaining three episodes of Doctor Who and/or Rose's return in general? If you guessed "stupidly" or any synonym thereof, you are correct, my friend.
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I present to you three of the (many) requested fics from that meme everyone's doing. Unfortunately I'm not doing them in, um, order they were requested or anything, just kind of... order of when I am ~inspired~.

jacob/tanya, for sharon, aka the first twilight fic I've ever written wtf )

draco/ginny, for austin )

sirius/lily, for crys )



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Haven't made a public/fandomy post in a while so here goes!

Has anyone ever watched that show "The Moment of Truth"? I just saw about ten minutes of it and I can't get my head around how stupid it is. For those who are unaware, here's what I understand the premise is: someone agrees to answer X number of obscenely personal questions while connected to a lie detector. The show then "randomly" selects 1/2X of those questions to ask them on air. If they answer everything honestly (and basically don't chicken out by refusing to answer or lying) they get half a mill. Questions include "have you cheated on your current girlfriend?" and other life-shattering inquiries. I just... I don't get it. Okay, so you could win half a million (before taxes) -- but you also potentially destroy all your interpersonal relationships. Why? Why? And of course the audience boos angrily whenever someone answers "yes" to a bad question, and of course there's a woman who goes "THAT ANSWER IS ... [insert unneccessarily long pause for dramatics].... TRUE..." and of course the show picks all the questions where the answer was embarassing.

Did I mention I hate reality TV and game shows?

Except The Mole. Fuck yes, the Mole was so awesome.

What else? For anyone who's seen Hairspray or had to listen to the credits music constantly for five months and watches Doctor Who: this is so comically appropriate.

Also the first chapter of Breaking Dawn is failtastic. All I want from Breaking Dawn now is for Jacob and Tanya to hook up and be totally awesome, leaving Edward and Bella to wallow in their failure marital bliss. And lawl, northern Canada. Sup Jake?

Whatever muse I once had has apparently died a violent death. It's like pulling teeth to write five coherent sentences, I swear. It's basically to the point I don't even want to write. I don't know, but it sucks. I also fail at writing commitments because of it -- I didn't finish [ profile] anythingbutgrey's birthday fic on time, I've owed [ profile] pirate_smile a letter for like ninety years, and I only just finished the letter I've owed [ profile] latine for one hundred years. Not to mention Silly Love Songs is rolling in a pit of failure, haha.

I also mean to write a Harry/Hermione fic for [ profile] afterthree's "someting unexpected" challenge, because coming from me there's nothing more unexpected than an uncanon shippy fic about the Trio, wtf.

Anyway, in the spirit of attempting to kick myself into gear, here's a meme:

Reply with a character or pairing i'm familiar with and i'll write a few sentences of fic.

Note the "few sentence" part; I promise nothing complete or whole in any form, I just kinda wanna... force myself to write stuff. Yeaah. And if you happen to give me a Twilight pairing, please note that I have never, ever written Twilight before because that would mean I'd have to actually put thought into Smeyer's characters.
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BAHAHHA I just felt the need to share this lovely summary of HP ships.

Eta - For a little more (quasi) content, here's a meme! HUZZAH I BET YOU ARE ALL TRES EXCITED.

Give me something I can make a top five list out of. Anything at all: top five favorite socks, top five favorite smells, or anything you want to know my top five of. The answers will be in my next post.
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So yesterday/today I applied to & joined [ profile] ontd_twilight, clearly indicating that I am megalame. OR MEGA AWESOME? No probably megalame. Anyway thusfar they seem to be hilarious. And I'm pretty excited because I've always wanted to ruin a fandom.

In other news, happy Easter, guys. I don't really celebrate Easter beyond "ooo chocolate bunnies" but ... y'know. Enjoy.

- Reply to this post, and I will pick four/five/six of your icons.
- Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
- Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
- This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

Here's that icon meme, as chosen by [ profile] inksplotched and [ profile] mybabyangel:

1. - I feel as though this speaks for itself. I cannot be part of the Twilight fandom without mocking it mercilessly, and I needed an icon that would allow me to do so, and [ profile] bluebellflames pulled through. YAY JULI. Also, it's massively true. Dude speaks like a shitty Valentine's card.

2. - Basically [ profile] buttfacemakani is amazing, as I am sure everyone in the universe will agree, plus I love Lily/James and unrequited!Severus and basically it's just the greatest image I've ever seen. That and Lily's bubble sys "LOL LOL JERKS" and though now I think it probably is her calling them jerks while laughing, I first interpreted it like "LOL I <3 JERKS" which I think is a very accurate and hilarious statement, given her choice in men.

3. - I hate Chuck Norris jokes, but I sure do love Chuck Norris style jokes when referring to someone who is not Chuck Norris. Like "Bill Nye can split atoms with his bare hands!" and ...well, the quote seen here. Plus it matches the amazing facebook group I'm in. There were like ninety of these that I loved, including "Neville Longbottom uses the Mirror of Erised to comb his hair."

4. - I found a post of Simpsons quote icons and saved like nine thousand. I'm using this one for the time being because it helps me make fun of Twilight. ...And eskimos.

5. - Another result of [ profile] bluebellflames' awesome icon requests. I love this one because it combines my love for Scrubs and Dr Cox/Kelso with an awesomely useful icon for times when peopel are bastards. Which is often.

6. - Because it is amazing.

IN OTHER NEWS, everyone who is anyone NEEDS TO GO WATCH this AMAZING episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? on youtube. Shit, I loved that show hardcore when I was young and am super-stoked to find out that episodes are on youtube. But you all need to watch THIS ONE because there is NOTHING FUNNIER than a 90s show about computers. Tru fax. EVIL TAMOGACHIS :O

I have just decided I will finish my [ profile] redandthewolf entry tonight. I must, I must, I must (improve my bust?)

And I'm stupid so I posted at this honesty meme so... yeah, do it if you like. Whatevs.
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You guys are probably like "wtf Kali stfu with these letter projects" but um sry [ profile] letter_project is amazing because Dorea/Charlus is amazing and so is [ profile] latine, and I have to pimp this one because [ profile] piratesmile_x is doing all of the actual work, you know, hosting it and such.

Title: A Standing Inferiority Complex
Authors: [ profile] _thirty2flavors (Victoire) and [ profile] piratesmile_x (Teddy)
Characters/Pairings: Victoire/Teddy, plus mention of .... everyone, ever.
Rating: Eh, PG-13 so far.
Summary: In which Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley maneuver their way through N.E.W.T.s, ill-advised memory charms, anecdotes, and some truly atrocious French.
Excerpt: I half-expected to get to Hogwarts and have life suddenly turn into some dramatic affair full of dragons and chase scenes and heroic rescues. Maman didn't even go to Hogwarts and she was still a Triwizard Champion. It's not right. The Weasley-Potter clan is one full of inferiority complexes.

In other news, I've already written about 2 and a half pages of my [ profile] redandthewolf Slings and Arrows challenge. Just need to finish. It is kind of just pointless fluff but... ...oh well. I have to ease myself back into the pairing, I guess, lirl.

I've also got this half-compiled fan-mix sitting here that I guess I might as well finish compiling. By that I mean all the files are on my old dinosaur of a computer and unless I want to sift through my iPod to get them off, I'll have to turn on that thing. It is Lily/James because they are hotties :| Also, this is the first fan-mix I've ever considered doing, and it is a weird experience. I feel like every day I get progressively dorkier.

I do need to work more on Silly Love Songs. Why is it that I can only write when there are looming deadlines? As soon as I finish my work and I think "oh, now I can work on ___", I suddenly lose all desire to work on ___.

Also, hey to all the kids I've added through that giant friending meme! Lol, friend memes are always so pathetic because no one ever replies to be my friend, I have to force them all into it. BAHAHAH.

Shit son, check out the tags on this entry. lirl

ETA -- LIRL! I noticed this a long time ago and for some reason it just occured to me to mention it here. A while ago I was searching Facebook for the UR group that I am too ashamed to join, lest kids from school realize what a loser I truly am and I found the group Comprehensive List of The Best Harry Potter Fanfiction, which apparently includes some stuff by me, First Draft by [ profile] koonelli and A Keen Observer by [ profile] callmepatsy.

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So I actually started writing the next chapter of Silly Love Songs. Of course, I say this now and I'll regret it shortly because nothing will come of it for another two years, but... well. Just thought I'd let you know that it has a hideous deathgrip on my soul and it hasn't let go yet.

Also I am way interested in the "Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune" challenge over at [ profile] redandthewolf because I love James and I also love Shakespeare. Will have to sign up.

The real reason behind this is: a multi-fandom friending meme! Sometimes my flist is kind of stagnant and I think "DAMN WHY DON'T I HAVE AN OBSCENELY LARGE FLIST?" Clearly this meme is there to help me. It seems to be predominantly HP/Twilight (lolz, interwebs) but.. uh yeah you can go check it out if you are sad like me and need to make friends based on what books you write fanfiction about. ...lirl.
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Okay [ profile] buttfacemakani is to blame for this one. You know, as if you could ever blame her for anything at all. She'd just draw something awesome to distract you and then run away into the night. See: icon.


Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I'll give you either ...

1. three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon
2. a reason he/she sucks
3. a reason he/she is awesomecakes
4. five things that never happened to that character
5. five people that character never fell in love with and why

If you want 1, 4 or 5 it may actually spawn itself into a little fic, in which case I advise choosing from the wide array of Ms. Rowling's characters rather than Monica from Friends. If you want to choose someone random again then I'd suggest 2 or 3 because I probably won't be able to come up with much more. Ha. Ha.

But actually I'm kind of hoping people will give me someone interesting and choose 4 or 5 (or even 1) because I am bored and sort of inspirationed-out and this seems like a cool place to start.
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I still lack updates of any kind, though I did finish my fic for's Christmas fic exchange. Naturally it's still i posting and secrecy mode so I cannot link you to any fic of mine that may or may not be posted yet, but that's where I've been. Well, that and exams. I also have one tomorrow. I should study, yes? But it's philosophy and philosophy is stupid because a) even when you know it, you don't do really well and b) even when you don't know it you don't do really poorly. Or, well, that's been my experience, anyway. Huzzah for circular definitions and post hoc fallacy and blah blah...

Yeah, I'm enthused.

Also! The fic someone wrote for me was posted, so it is my duty to rec it here. Yay.

Title: The Final Stage
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 12 Grimmauld Place is nobody's idea of the perfect place for a party. Yet that is where Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Nymphadora Tonks find themselves spending the fourteenth anniversary of Voldemort's defeat. Overwhelmed by memories of that Halloween night, the three just want to drink brandy and forget.

It is basically exactly what I was going for, which is impressive since I am apparently incapable of writing a half-decent prompt. Yay, mystery author! (Yeah, no, I actually don't know who it was. Mysterrryyy. *waves fingers spookily*)

As another means of procrastination, here's a random meme! Yay! I don't know. Um, go wild. (Give me other ways to procrastinate!)

Pick a fictional character from a fandom I know and I'll answer the following questions to the best of my abilities. )
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... in celebration of successfully finishing an essay due in a week. It is kind of shitty, I need to cut at least 70 words (which is going to be hard because it's already very... brief) and I need to check some citations, but WHOO ROUGH DRAFTTT I'm so done for right now. Lol.

The meme*: Post segments of all the fanfic you have yet to finish.

I am not going to do all because we will literally be here all day, but I do have lots of unfinished crap so I guess I'm game.

Onward! To abandoned crap! Or temporarily-ignored crap! And other crap! )

Well there are definitely like 1000000 more on my other computer but it's getting late so I am stopping with those. If anyone's curious I guess I can post others later. Or something. La la.

*(also? we learnt what a meme is in psych and now that word makes a lot more sense than I ever thought it did before, LIRL)

ETA -lawl I fond more. )

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I wanted to pimp this story, and it's not mine, so I don't feel bad about doing it.

Title: The Two-Step of Death
Author: Lady_Game of
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "In the end, they all dance to the music of two words and a flash of green light. These are the stories of the last ten victims of Lord Voldemort. A 10x100, post-HBP."
Excerpt: Petunia Dursley spent half her life running from her sister’s world. What was unfortunate for Petunia was that the Wizarding world had reasons to run after her.
Why You Should Read It: The above excerpt is only one of about five zillion awesome lines in this fic; I chose that one because it's near the very start so it was easy for me to find. It is the best fic of its kind I can recall reading. I wrote a hideously gushy review because I quite adore it. Go read it, right now. It is wonderfully creative and the characters it focuses on are refreshingly unique, as is the ending.

While I'm in the business of pimping things, this is the best fanart version of Snape's Worst Memory that I have stumbled across in my travels. GO worship its pretty prismacolours and perfect Sirus, James and Lily (among others).

And HURRAH for a Deathly Hallows meme and procrastination! )

TRULY enlightening stuff here, folks.

Silly Love Songs is ... going, albeit slowly. Going. Haha.



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