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I just read a Four/Romana fic involving Neopets.

...I don't even know.

More to the point, I'm thinking of doing a bit of a friends cut -- there are some people on my flist I've totally clicked with, and some people who've been on my flist for months now and I'm pretty sure we know next to nothing about each other, and it just seems like ...well... might as well do some trimming. I've never done a friends cut before becaues generally I've figured, well, it's not like I post anything too personal on here in the first place, and but truth be told I'm just not paying enough attention to some of your entries for me to not feel like a douche for still having you friended. Plus my flist is pushing 120 now and ... that is a lot.

On the same note, if any of you want to cut me, go ahead at any time, I promise I won't cry or submit secrets to [ profile] fandomsecrets.
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On this eve of Christmas, I bring you the combined brilliance of Charlie Brown and the cast of Scrubs:

Merry Christmas, everyone!

And happy holiday of your choice for those of you of different religious inclinations.
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iTunes' Halloween mix includes the (oldschool) Doctor Who theme and Hedwig's Theme (which is just called "Harry Potter"), as well as a crappy cover of Thriller by some woman. Who wants a cover of Thriller?

Speaking of Halloween, I hope you all had a good one. I was a crazy cat lady, but for whatever reason I never ended up using my camera so there are no pictures. The party I went to was ...retardedly dramatic. Drama of the highschool variety, to be specific which is I guess what happens when you try to date highschoolers. It was hosted by my friend Joe, who is my friend Candice's ex (and they dated for four years), and it featured:
-Joe's new lady of interest; they've been on like one or two dates
-Candice's "interest" in this lady of interest
-Lady of Interest flirting with Some Other Guy
-Kid From Highschool telling Candice that Lady of Interest "likes Joe but wants to fuck Other Guy"
-Candice indignantly telling Joe about Lady of Interest's interest in Other Guy
-Joe getting really really drunk
-Candice tending to really really drunk Joe while Lady of Interest and Other Guy mysteriously disappear for a long while
-Possibly there was some hole-in-wall punching as well lol Andy

All in all, not the best party I've ever attended. I had intended to stay the night but I ended up getting a ride home from Lisa and Kyle (who were dressed as Satine/a prostitute and Christian/a Rabbi respectively. Lisa insists he was Christian, but everyone -- and Kyle -- agreed that he looked more like a Rabbi) because I wasn't really ~feelin' it~... plus when Lyle left I'd be basically alone with a bunch of high and/or drunk kids ...and Will, who was neither. Will claims to have found a new respect for my status as the Obligatory Sober Person, LIRL.

Most of the other costumes were unremarkable ("I'M A CAT LOL" x 200) and I don't have pictures anyway so sorry, but definitely my favourite was Joe and Chris' pair of Captain Hammer and Dr Horrible. I think I got minor street cred (or internet cred) for actually recognizing them right away. I was also the only one with ovaries who seemed to understand why Mark took to playing "Never Gonna Give You Up". Candice's was pretty good too, she was Miss Scarlett from Clue.

Obligatory meme (because no one cares about the rest of this stuff): Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you. )

For those of you who are cool enough,'s Annual (Harry Potter) Christmas Fic Exchange is opening up again, so you should all go sign up now so Christy doesn't eat my face. The exchange fics are notoriously AWESOME so obviously you should go do that now.
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I have a midterm at 4 today that I probably should be studying for, and yet I cannot seem to work up the concern because it's Linguistics, it's multiple choice, and that course is just so dumb. So I guess it's time for a generic update? Initially I had typed "life update" but then I realized this won't actually have anything to do with my life, because my life has been exceedingly boring as of late. Um, tomorrow I'm going with Tania (and I think her parents?) to go see some play called Happy Days at the NAC. Her mom got free tickets or something and I am the beloved friend who gets to go, bahahaha. I... have no idea what it is about, but I am sure it will be fun and exciting and cultural anyway, lirl.

So I finished the first season of Torchwood. )

Also, the season premiere of Pushing Daisies reminded me why I love Pushing Daisies. If it does indeed get cancelled I will be sad, but not exceptionally surprised because, I mean, there's been about 10 seasons of Survivor and shows like Dog Eat Dog exist, so obviously North America in general does not have the most exceptional television taste. While watching Pushing Daisies I saw a commercial for the Americanized Life on Mars, and I can readily say based on the single episode I've seen of Life on Mars that the American one is made almost entirely of fail. Needs moar John Simm, tbh.

Evidently I don't have anything else to discuss, or at least nothing comes to mind. I know you're all in the throes of VP debates, and Canada's having an election too, but... yeah, no, nothing srs bsnss ever gets posted here. Sorry to disappoint, lirl.

Also, I'm very bored, so if you happen to be around, hijack and procrastinate with me, yeah?
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My grandma and her twin sister are visiting, and they and my mom will not stop talking about food/calories/losing weight and it is driving me insane. Oh my God. I even made an "OMFG WHY?" face at my dad as I went up the stairs this morning, hahaha. I mean, they're family and I love them, but it's kind of like having three of my mom in one house, and it's kind of driving me nuts, and they've only been here a day. They leave next... Saturday? AHHHH.

(Fun fact! For the first eighteen years of my life we didn't talk to my paternal grandparents, so I was explaining this to a friend once, how I only really "have" one grandma, and then I mentioned that my maternal grandmother has a twin sister, and the friend went "But if she's a twin then you have two!" Hahaha OH EMILY, TOO BAD YOU SUCK. /bitterness)

Tomorrow we're driving south of the 49th parallel to go shopping. It will be fun, though I kind of wish I was going with my friends and not... my dad and three of my mom. LIRL But I don't even care, I am so desperaet to get out of this country, even if it is for like five hours and we go to upstate New York. I have not gone ANYWHERE this summer. I have wanderlust like nobody's business. Oh, worldly travellers of my flist, I stare at you in envy! Envyyy!

Before this degenerates into a whine about money, I am going to do some memes. BECAUSE YOU ALL CARE SO MUCH, RIGHT?

Michele actually tagged me for one about lj but it bored me, so here's the one with the ~srs bsnss~ questions. )

Hurrah, now you know all about my various social and political opinions! Kind of. Except [ profile] harmonyjam_07 tagged me for this shipping meme, and so any illusion of me as an intellectual that the previous meme may hae created will now be shattered. As if any of my answers were intellectual anyway.

beware the giant pictures below this cut my friends )

Okay so the ship meme took FOREVER, so I'm done here. Enjoy the videos/graphics/whatev.
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This was so disorganized I decided to make it a list, a la [ profile] spadul and [ profile] inksplotched nad everyone else from Twilight on my flist, ha.

1.I bought the new Alkaline Trio CD! It's been like... years... since I bought a new CD, it's pretty exciting. Huzzah for new music of the legally purchased variety! I've only listened through once so far but I seem to like it so... rock on, Alkaline Trio. I kind of neglected you for a very long time. Oops.

While I was at CD warehouse looking for the album, I noticed they had the second season of Doctor Who -- that's the first time I've seen it, or indeed anything Doctor Who related ove here -- for the LOW LOW PRICE of $115. What the hell? $115? Fail. I know full seasons are expensive, but they're usually in the neighbourhood of $50-$60. I GUESS I'LL JUST KEEP STREAMING FROM RANDOM ASIAN SITES, F U BBC.

2. I finally used a portion of my Chapters gift card and got The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, because classic lit makes me feel smart and the cover was pretty? I AM SO DEEP. Actually it's also because I have a "you have to interest me in the first two pages" rule and she won at that, plus I've had people recommend it to me before. And anyway I'm goign to have to read it in the future at some point. That said I've still got $24 -- suggestions?

3. I started watching How I Met Your Mother after repeated insistances from Joe that it is THE GREATEST SHOW EVER OMG.'s not. But it is pretty entertaining, even if it's not much more than your average sitcom. I think I just like Barney. Once upon a time I saw an icon of Ten that said "suit up!" and I wish I had somehow foreseen the future when I would want that icon and saved it.

4. I think this is another instance of "I want to update but I don't have anything to say, really". So for the couple of you I've picked up in friending memes (I am addicted, it's disgusting) --- hellooo! To give you the brief overview I'm Kali, I'm Canadian (if the Canada Day post didn't give it away) and I'm a student which is not really as exciting as it sounds. Probably the only contribution I make to fandom ever is the occasional fanfic, and I mention this primarily because [ profile] anythingbutgrey didn't know that I write for about fifty years and that makes me sad inside because once-upon-a-time I was actually prolific and I identified as someone who wrote, and now people on my flist don't even know? QUELLE HORREUR. Other than that, um, I'm boring.

here's a meme Sara tagged me for that might teach you marginally more about me! )

5. ...Tomorrow/today is Saturday! I'm excited for the finale, but also kind of sad because when this is over I'll be devoid of OMG speculation and fandomness for quite some time. Damn.
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Happy Canada Day!

I'm off to go frolic around in the capital and see fireworks that are strategically placed to be half-blocked by the Parliament buildings. Fun stuff, really.

Enjoy July 1st, my fellow Canadians!
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I'm off to a wedding out of town tomorrow, so I'll be MIA until probably Sunday. It's the first time I've been to a family wedding (weird, I know) and it should be interesting. It's my cousin Christina's (who prefers to be known as Kris, or possibly Krys, I can never keep up) and she's the second-youngest of five kids, four of whom I haven't seen in quite some time. I love the cousins on my dad's side -- they all have my dad's sense of humour, and thusly my sense of humour -- but we see each other so infrequently and they're so much older than me now that it tends to be awkward more than anything. That, and my paternal grandma's going -- the same paternal grandmother I met for the first (real) time only last December, and incidentally the same grandma that did not talk to my dad or the Kris' mother for something like 20 years.

...Yeaaaaah. Oh, families. So much drama.

Meanwhile, in the realm of TMI, buying a dress and bra for this wedding was my first real experience in "@#$#% boobs, gtfo, HDU get in my way". I knew this day would come, but it's still kind of sad. All those years of relative contentedness. Shame.
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So yesterday/today I applied to & joined [ profile] ontd_twilight, clearly indicating that I am megalame. OR MEGA AWESOME? No probably megalame. Anyway thusfar they seem to be hilarious. And I'm pretty excited because I've always wanted to ruin a fandom.

In other news, happy Easter, guys. I don't really celebrate Easter beyond "ooo chocolate bunnies" but ... y'know. Enjoy.

- Reply to this post, and I will pick four/five/six of your icons.
- Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
- Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
- This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

Here's that icon meme, as chosen by [ profile] inksplotched and [ profile] mybabyangel:

1. - I feel as though this speaks for itself. I cannot be part of the Twilight fandom without mocking it mercilessly, and I needed an icon that would allow me to do so, and [ profile] bluebellflames pulled through. YAY JULI. Also, it's massively true. Dude speaks like a shitty Valentine's card.

2. - Basically [ profile] buttfacemakani is amazing, as I am sure everyone in the universe will agree, plus I love Lily/James and unrequited!Severus and basically it's just the greatest image I've ever seen. That and Lily's bubble sys "LOL LOL JERKS" and though now I think it probably is her calling them jerks while laughing, I first interpreted it like "LOL I <3 JERKS" which I think is a very accurate and hilarious statement, given her choice in men.

3. - I hate Chuck Norris jokes, but I sure do love Chuck Norris style jokes when referring to someone who is not Chuck Norris. Like "Bill Nye can split atoms with his bare hands!" and ...well, the quote seen here. Plus it matches the amazing facebook group I'm in. There were like ninety of these that I loved, including "Neville Longbottom uses the Mirror of Erised to comb his hair."

4. - I found a post of Simpsons quote icons and saved like nine thousand. I'm using this one for the time being because it helps me make fun of Twilight. ...And eskimos.

5. - Another result of [ profile] bluebellflames' awesome icon requests. I love this one because it combines my love for Scrubs and Dr Cox/Kelso with an awesomely useful icon for times when peopel are bastards. Which is often.

6. - Because it is amazing.

IN OTHER NEWS, everyone who is anyone NEEDS TO GO WATCH this AMAZING episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? on youtube. Shit, I loved that show hardcore when I was young and am super-stoked to find out that episodes are on youtube. But you all need to watch THIS ONE because there is NOTHING FUNNIER than a 90s show about computers. Tru fax. EVIL TAMOGACHIS :O

I have just decided I will finish my [ profile] redandthewolf entry tonight. I must, I must, I must (improve my bust?)

And I'm stupid so I posted at this honesty meme so... yeah, do it if you like. Whatevs.
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If you have more than one Roomie on your flist, you've probably seen Hourglass Awards pimping seventy times, so I've cut it. Yay! )

In other news, I come bearing fic. Finally! I accomplished very little this weekend other than COMPLETELY screwing myself over academically by, you know, spending time on fic instead of school but I did manage to add like, 100 words to a fic I'd forgotten about and finish it! I can feel your excitement now!

Title: The Sun Will Come Out
(Also at livejournal if you prefer.)
Word Count: 313
Characters/Pairings: Lily/James, Sirius, Remus, Peter
Rating: G
Summary: Some days, Lily thinks there's no way they won't win.

And in other-other news, we have an assload of snow. We got 50 cms (1'8") this weekend. Fail. )

ETA: I hate snow so much I decided to change my layout. [ profile] _thirty2flavors I am sort of enjoying this one, except a few things bother me (like having links on the side, and the really cluttered comment line). If anyone knows places to get pretty layouts for free/plus accounts, hook me up? Most of the pre-made lj ones are comically hideous.
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So I am back. I kind of want to do a Montreal post or something, but lord knows if I actually will. I usually end up writing in detail about things that are relatively unimportant and then when something fun happens I write hardly anything. Such is life. Anyway, suffice it to say it was fun to spend money I don't have, and I wish I was still rockin' out in some hotel room with my friends. Boo.

Anyway, the hotel had wireless internet, and as you might expect whilst looking up pubs to go to we got distracted by YouTube. Allen showed us this, which I had not seen before and which is hilarious:

Anyway, it's been stuck in my head since we watched it. Good stuff.

Re: the Cullens, um... major lulz? I don't care enough about Twilight to care what they look like, really, but Jasper looks like Jon Heder from Blades of Glory even though the actor himself is pretty cute. Should've just kept him brunette y/y?
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Just so you all know -- and by "you all" I mostly just mean people like [ profile] latine or [ profile] inksplotched who might notice the absence of my little blue man in MSN -- I won't be around this weekend until probably Tuesday. Some friends and I are off to Montreal, and the trip had better be really awesome, because it was one hell of a headache to plan.

I shall miss you all and such. We get back Monday night. =)

PS - my secret Valentine? My friend Joe, who gave one to his girlfriend and the six girls she was BFF with in high school. Hee.
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My feelings towards Valentine's Day have always been rather neutral, leaning towards pessimism. As anyone who knows me is aware, I generally laugh at soppy things, think romance is a crock and am typically a cynical bitch. I'm not jadged from past relationships or anything since I haven't had any, I just happen to not be a romantic person. So Valentine's Day usually falls by the wayside and I don't really care; I don't call it "Singles Awareness Day" or generally get upset by it, I just ignore like any other day. Huzzah for the Hallmark Holiday!

Anyway, when I got home from school today an envelope that says "Kali" in, er, romantic pink marker with a fake rose attached was sitting on the ledge by the door. Enclosed was a computer printed piece of paper (in a beautiful cursive font, no less) that reads:

A Red Red Rose

O MY Luve 's like a red, red rose
That 's newly sprung in June:
O my Luve 's like the melodie
That's sweetly play'd in tune!

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve am I:
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry:

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi' the sun;
I will luve thee still, my dear,
While the sands o' life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only Luve,
And fare thee weel a while!
And I will come again, my Luve,
Tho' it were ten thousand mile.

- Robert Burns


You deserve a little love this Valentine's Day.

Someone who thinks you're terrific!



Wtf. Basically I've just been laughing my ass off since I opened it. I assume it must be one of my friends? Because I can actually not imagine who the hell else it would be, and if I have a "secret admirer" they are seriously so secret it's a little impressive. The only other person I can possibly think of is this guy I went to highschool with, who at seperate times tried to date 2 of my friends (and was shut down), merely because he happens to live near me and he used to talk very "poetically" to them on MSN (which is, of course, the ultimate in ~romance~) which basically was just great lulz for us.

Or possibly my friend Aaron (who - for the record - doesn't even like girls, so it wouldn't be a LOL ILU thing) just because it seems like the sort of thing he'd do and, well, he's not in school, so he'd have time, but I cannot imagine why he wouldn't put his name on it.

Just... wtf. LIRL

ETA- So yeah, judging from a friend's facebook status, I am not the only recipient of this rose/poem combo. Still don't know which friend it happens to be, though.
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Yeah yeah. It's the obligatory Merry Christmas! post.

So yes.

Merry Christmas. =)
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Usually, I don't bother putting "personal" things in this journal. Well, to be honest, I don't put personal things in almost any journal -- but I've always assumed that people who read my fanfiction probably don't care about my mild teenage woes.

Anyway, this isn't really a teenage woe, or anything, but I thought -- between Sara and Christina and Sharon -- that clearly some sort of God of Cars has it in for the members of, so I'd add my tale here.

Basically, last night, I and three friends -- Tania, Will and Candice -- decided to go to see August Rush. There's a theatre (incidentally, one I was employed at for a year and a half) very close to us, but Tania had free tickets to the theatre about 20 minutes away, so we decided to go to that one. Which is nice, because after having a year and a half of free tickets, I have no desire to pay for a movie.

Candice drove us there in her little Dodge Neon - me in the passenger's seat, Tania behind me and Will behind the driver's seat. We were heading down a pretty main road (60 km/h speedlimit) and I was looking back to talk to Tania and Will when suddenly Will screamed "Whoa!" and I turned around just in time to see some other car run a stop sign and drive straight into the intersection where we're headed. Someone -- I can't even remember who -- said "Oh my God!", Candice and the other driver both hit the brakes, and there was that very surreal second that I'm sure both Sara and Sharon can relate to in which it occured to all of us that there was absolutely no way we were going to stop in time. All I really remember thinking is that we were going to hit; before there was even time to be scared, we had.

Thankfully, Candice's reactions were good and her brakes and winter tires were decent -- the impact was pretty low-speed, and the other woman's car bashed in the passenger's side headlight of Candice's car. No one was hurt -- I'm not even sure if I flew far enough for my seatbelt to lock. Candice's car suffered the brunt of the damage, while the other woman -- the woman at fault -- had basically no damage to her car.

The rest of the story is pretty uninteresting; we recovered from our shock, the other woman called the police, the police came, the CAA towed Candice's car, her brother picked us up, et cetera. The damage to Candice's car is unfortunate, but as far as I know the bill will go to the other woman -- Candice had a green light and the right-of-way, while the other woman ran a stop sign and didn't even have her purse with her. She got a ticket, too.

The weirdest bit, I guess, is the speculation afterwards. We were very lucky, of course. There are dozens of ways it could have been much, much worse: if Candice hadn't hit her brakes when she did, if there had been ice, if we'd skidded any further before the collision, the other woman's car would have smashed into the passenger's side (and me) or the back passenger's seat (and Tania). If the woman hadn't stopped when she did, we'd have T-boned her. There were no cars behind us when we hit -- if we had taken two cars like we almost did (for no reason... which is why we didn't) one could've crashed into the other, and as Tania's got a van, the little Neon could've made out much worse. Candice reacted as best she could, really; if she'd swerved (as the police offer suggested she might've... eugh) we'd have either gone straight into oncoming traffic or the other woman's car would've smashed into me and Tania rather than a headlight.

All in all, it was good. I mean, not good -- obviously the better alternative is to not crash at all -- but if it had to happen, it happened the best possible way. Candice wasn't at fault (and with a G2 liscence she'd have been owned if she was), the damage wasn't extensive, none of us were hurt, it wasn't a hit-and-run, everyone stayed calm. Candice is shaken up, and I feel bad for her, but the rest of us are okay. I'm not traumatized or anything and I hope this doesn't sound like I'm being overly dramatic, I hvae an obvious tendency for story-telling or this journal wouldn't exist in the first place, after all, but it's just... weird. It's the first accident I can remember being in, and it's somehow particularly unnerving that it was just us - just the four of us friends, no adults, handling it on our own (more or less). I guess that's unnerving and a little comforting at the same time. For the record, Will is a pretty good guy to be in a car accident with (lirl) -- very calm and collected.

Anyway. Wear your seatbelts, kids, and don't run stopsigns.
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So um. What's with the magical "you are about to view content that may only be suitable for adults -- oh you're not 18 stfu!" thing that has suddenly appeared in my flist? How's lj working this one? Is it something you do or just something they've implemented, er, somehow?

I am unusually irritated, considering it's not even like I actively seek out adult content, really. I mean, whatever, I'm 18 in a month and I can just change my age on LJ, but still, hey, fuck off, livejournal.
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Title - When Those Blue Snowflakes Start Falling, Chapter 3
Character(s) - Sirius
Excerpt - He glared out the window and used the side of his fist to wipe away the little pattern he’d been tracing. Rather than make him nostalgic, the memories served only as fuel for his disdain.

Yay. =) And WHOO! School is over! Excitement! Thrills! Joy! Okay, so I work approximately seven hours every day of the break, but no school. Yay. =) (And in an attempt to make myself feel better I have just realized that, assuming I work as much the second week as I do the first, I'll make ~$600. Sweeeet.)

Anyway, happy holidays. This concludes the three pre-written drabbles, but I'll presumably have plenty more time to write a few more now that school is (for the most part) over.

I still need to write the Christmas exchange fic, but hm, it's part-way done, anyhow. WHOO.


PS -- hee hee, deathly hallows.


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