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Title: A Matter of Time (1/2)
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, an assortment of Tylers, eventual alt!Donna and Jake, Ten and proper!Donna ver. flashback
Genre: Humour and angst, with a bit of emphasis on the angst
Spoilers?: Through 4x13
Summary: Tony's eighth birthday party forces the Doctor to consider something he hadn't before.
Excerpt: Until earlier that day, he’d never considered the possibility any more than one considers the chance of rain a thousand miles away. Now it seemed obvious, and on top of it all he felt stupid as well as panicked.

Author's Note: This one I get to blame on [ profile] goldy_dollar, who insisted I write it after reading a one-sentence summary in that "five things of personal canon" meme. Also, she bribed me with coffee, so obviously it's her fault. This slots into the Gingerbread 'verse, but aside from some allusions there's nothing too crucial to know.

a matter of time )


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Title: Wait 'Til You Read Book Seven
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, Tony, Jackie
Genre: Humour
Summary: In which [ profile] _thirty2flavors offends everybody ever. The Doctor discovers a horrifying difference between that first universe and Pete's World.

Author's Note: Ages back when this scandal broke, I had a discussion with [ profile] bazcat89 that ultimately led to this. I would say none of the opinions reflected in this piece are my own, but that's not strictly true. I guess you'll just have to guess which ones. That said, I don't actually intend to offend anybody, this is just for lulz.

oh, i cried )
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Title: Revolution (1/2)
Rating: PG
Genre: Some fluff, some angst, some humour. Standard fare, really.
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, alt!Donna, with guest appearances from the rest of the Tylers and Jake
Spoilers?: Through season 4
Summary/Excerpt: It had been – or would be, in a few short hours -- an entire revolution of a parallel Earth around a parallel Sol, and the Doctor wasn’t sure what he was supposed to feel.

Author's Notes: A sequel (of sorts) to Gingerbread, which introduces the Donna Noble you'll find here... the Donna Noble who will feature much more in the second part, I promise.

revolution )


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Title: Chase Your Demons Away
Rating: PG, I guess? I used the word "kiss" which I guess is pretty scandalous.
Genre: Some angst, a bit of fluff. Which I guess is pretty standard "romance" if you want to call it that.
Length: ~3,000
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, Tony
Summary: Three weeks after Norway, the Doctor bonds with Tony Tyler over a shared affliction -- bad dreams.
Excerpt: Tony accepts the man in the hallway as the same flesh-and-blood action hero from all Rose’s stories, full stop. Tony doesn’t find the human warmth of the Doctor’s skin strange or send him pointed looks if he says something more Donna than Doctor. Tony probably doesn’t dream about beaches and pinstripes, either.

chase your demons away )
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Title: Just One Trip
Rating: PG
Genre: Humour
Spoilers?: Through season 4.
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, Jackie, Tony
Summary: Rose wants to take her brother to see Barcelona, Jackie is maternally outraged, and the Doctor really just wants a snack.
Excerpt: “No one’s going to eat him, Mum,” said Rose, around the same time the Doctor said, “what is it with you lot and Martians?”

just one trip )
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Title: Where the Heart Is
Rating: PG
Spoilers?: Indeed, through season 4.
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, Tony, crayons (lulz, [ profile] inksplotched)
Summary: The Doctor was drawing. With crayons.

Rose leaned against the doorway, her arms crossed, determined to commit this sight to memory. )


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