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Today the list of Hourglass Award Winners was released, huzzah! Congrats to everyone who won, especially my homegirls [ profile] christycorr and [ profile] afterthree. [ profile] christycorr gets an extra pat on the head because she is the one who routinely slaves over putting these things together for UR, so huzzah!

And omfg, [ profile] bluebellflames, I am totally in love with your banners. So pretty! *fawns* Which is not to say that last year's were ugly, of course.

And here's the awkward part where I mention that my fics won without sounding like an asshole:

Thirteen Steps to the End of the World was my contribution to's Holiday Fic Exchange last Christmas. PG-13, Marauders, in response to the prompt "the only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire is incoming friendly fire".

Puzzle Pieces, a rather large collection of drabbles/short fics/basically anything that doesn't fit somewhere else.

Yay! I am shallowly excited that I get one of each colour of banner. Good job, everyone. Er, same time next year?

ETA - I forgot that to add that this year there's a popular vote award, so go vote on which of the winning fics you liked best. You don't have to have read all of them; you can select "I have not read this". Go go go!
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So I actually started writing the next chapter of Silly Love Songs. Of course, I say this now and I'll regret it shortly because nothing will come of it for another two years, but... well. Just thought I'd let you know that it has a hideous deathgrip on my soul and it hasn't let go yet.

Also I am way interested in the "Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune" challenge over at [ profile] redandthewolf because I love James and I also love Shakespeare. Will have to sign up.

The real reason behind this is: a multi-fandom friending meme! Sometimes my flist is kind of stagnant and I think "DAMN WHY DON'T I HAVE AN OBSCENELY LARGE FLIST?" Clearly this meme is there to help me. It seems to be predominantly HP/Twilight (lolz, interwebs) but.. uh yeah you can go check it out if you are sad like me and need to make friends based on what books you write fanfiction about. ...lirl.


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