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I love this show sfm for the record. I'm sure you probably didn't notice, but I do.

I said I'd recap my post-trailer poll, so here's the final tally:

Things We Predicted That Did, In Fact, Occur:
Ten licked something! -- as predicted by 18 (56.5%) of you
Somehow, all of Earth was in danger! -- as predicted by 11 (34.4%) of you
HER NAME WAS DONNA -- as predicted by 11 (34.4%) of you

Things We Predicted That Sort-Of Came True:
Ten and Gwen III Christina did kiss, though Christina was the instigator this time which wasn't implied by the poll. A whole 25 (78.1%) of us saw this coming
Gwen III Christina did offer to travel with the Doctor (78.1%), but not before her untimely death

Things That Didn't, To The Shock of the World:
Actually, most people survived, including Christina.
Dramatic Black Lady was not eaten by a stingray as predicted by a whole whopping 87.5% of us -- she lives to be dramatic and foreshadow-y another day.
No one glowed, was secretly evil, or was a particularly assholeish rich person.
There was no conclusive evidence that the Daleks did it. But probably they did. Because of the Time War.

Anyway, in more general news:

TEN SONICS HIS MOTHERFUCKING GLASSES OH MY GOD that was probably my favourite part ngl, just ask [ profile] sweetcherrytree

Christina was kind of very annoying, all of her lines felt like really lame action movies. She reminded me of the movie The Avengers and I haven't even seen that since I was like 8. I'm excited for the Christmas specials when we will get a companion who doesn't want to bone the Doctor. I know he is slim and a little bit foxy, but omg. Just sayin'.

I did, however, REALLY enjoy the Fly People. Anything that requires Ten to speak alien is A+, and they entertained me. I was sad that they died because I liked them more than any of the human cast, ngl.

The entire fangirling phonecall with UNIT was awesome. Also, 'sup UNIT lady from parallel universe, how you doin'? Also also, I like how UNIT is a multi-purpose "are they good? are they bad?" organisation. BRB TORTURIN' TOSH FOR NO REASON OWAIT HELPING THE DOCTOR SAVE THE UNIVERSE OWAIT SCREW THE DOCTOR LET'S CLOSE THE WORMHOLE OWAIT SAVIN' UR ASSES FROM A GIANT SHOOTY SPIDER STAR. Whatevs UNIT, whatevs.

I liked Ten's blatant refusal to take ~Lady Christina~ with him. We've seen him refuse people before but usually his reasoning was secretly "you are not young or hot enough" (hello VOTD) instead of "I NEED TO BE ALONE WITH MY SNOW PATROL OKAY". I like the latter better. ALSO, DONNA REFERENCE FTMFW. Donnnaaaa D:

As for the Oodlike ~your song must end soon~ -- well, we knew that. And I knew the Master was coming back too, but I was still quite delighted by it. HE WILL KNOCK FOUR TIMES. HE IS RETURNING. THERE IS SOMETHING ON YOUR BACK. BADWOLFTORCHWOODHAROLDSAXON. I love this show's foreshadowing, it's fun.

I am totally disinterested in Waters of Mars, though. CHRISTMAS SPECIALS NOW PLZ OMG.

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