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I totally posted not long ago, but too bad. Two matters of importance:

You know you wanna take this poll regarding which of Ten's lines is the most assholeish.

Secondly, [ profile] goldy_dollar and I are creating a Torchwood drinking game, specifically with the upcoming special/whatever this summer. So far we have:

-Torchwood causes the problem they then have to solve (1 drink)
-The Rift did it (1 drink)
-Jack stands on a roof (1 drink)
-Ianto and/or Jack cries (1 drink each)
-Someone makes out with and/or has sex with someone besides their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/partner (1 drink for Jack; 2 for Gwen and Ianto)
-Torchwood's fail actually kills some/many of the people they are attempting to save (1 drink)
-Some casual citizen who should know nothing about such a Top Secret Agency knows all about the Top Secret Agency (1 drink)
-Jack hugs a whale (drink the whole bottle)

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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I have a midterm at 4 today that I probably should be studying for, and yet I cannot seem to work up the concern because it's Linguistics, it's multiple choice, and that course is just so dumb. So I guess it's time for a generic update? Initially I had typed "life update" but then I realized this won't actually have anything to do with my life, because my life has been exceedingly boring as of late. Um, tomorrow I'm going with Tania (and I think her parents?) to go see some play called Happy Days at the NAC. Her mom got free tickets or something and I am the beloved friend who gets to go, bahahaha. I... have no idea what it is about, but I am sure it will be fun and exciting and cultural anyway, lirl.

So I finished the first season of Torchwood. )

Also, the season premiere of Pushing Daisies reminded me why I love Pushing Daisies. If it does indeed get cancelled I will be sad, but not exceptionally surprised because, I mean, there's been about 10 seasons of Survivor and shows like Dog Eat Dog exist, so obviously North America in general does not have the most exceptional television taste. While watching Pushing Daisies I saw a commercial for the Americanized Life on Mars, and I can readily say based on the single episode I've seen of Life on Mars that the American one is made almost entirely of fail. Needs moar John Simm, tbh.

Evidently I don't have anything else to discuss, or at least nothing comes to mind. I know you're all in the throes of VP debates, and Canada's having an election too, but... yeah, no, nothing srs bsnss ever gets posted here. Sorry to disappoint, lirl.

Also, I'm very bored, so if you happen to be around, hijack and procrastinate with me, yeah?


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