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Mostly I just want to pimp a couple things:

The Harry Potter Drabble-a-thon! Because I know all you HP fans are mourning the days of fandom activity and sending jealous stares in the general direction of Twilight, so go! Drabble away! Remember that other better fantasy series you used to love! HURRAH!

Um, I think that's it? I'd offer up fic but I haven't really got any. I'm sort of slowly making my way through that meme and eventually I'll get there, maybe. Or something. I don't know, go find my muse and then we'll talk.

Also, how excited am I for the remaining three episodes of Doctor Who and/or Rose's return in general? If you guessed "stupidly" or any synonym thereof, you are correct, my friend.
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If you have more than one Roomie on your flist, you've probably seen Hourglass Awards pimping seventy times, so I've cut it. Yay! )

In other news, I come bearing fic. Finally! I accomplished very little this weekend other than COMPLETELY screwing myself over academically by, you know, spending time on fic instead of school but I did manage to add like, 100 words to a fic I'd forgotten about and finish it! I can feel your excitement now!

Title: The Sun Will Come Out
(Also at livejournal if you prefer.)
Word Count: 313
Characters/Pairings: Lily/James, Sirius, Remus, Peter
Rating: G
Summary: Some days, Lily thinks there's no way they won't win.

And in other-other news, we have an assload of snow. We got 50 cms (1'8") this weekend. Fail. )

ETA: I hate snow so much I decided to change my layout. [ profile] _thirty2flavors I am sort of enjoying this one, except a few things bother me (like having links on the side, and the really cluttered comment line). If anyone knows places to get pretty layouts for free/plus accounts, hook me up? Most of the pre-made lj ones are comically hideous.
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Title: Push Off
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Characters: Lily, James, implications of Sirius, Remus & Peter
Prompt: Day 7, [ profile] nest_of_spiders

You're absolutely reckless, the lot of you! )
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I am on some kind of hideous writing kick. It is simultaneously entertaining (for me) and pathetic (because I am a sad, sad person with no life).

On that note I think I need to put some kind of drabble-collection-thing on UR, but I can't think of a good title. Boourns.

Anyway, yeah. This one didn't turn out quite the way I wanted. Damn.

Title: Should-Have-Beens
Words: 173
Characters: Sirius, with mentions of Regulus and James
Rating: PG

When Regulus died, Sirius had blamed himself. )
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Title: Mistake
Word count: 151
Characters: Regulus Black
Prompt: [ profile] nest_of_spiders, day 3 - In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.
Author's notes: Everyone else was writing about his death, sooo...

He collapsed the instant the door was shut and he was alone. )
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Title: Trust Me
Word count: 767
Characters: Lily, James
Prompt Number: Two - Anti-Gravity Mist.
For [ profile] nest_of_spiders

Trust Me )


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