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Title: The Dangers of Accessorizing (or, Handy and the Murse)
Rating: PG for kissing o noez
Genre: Humour, possibly a hint of crack
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, Jake, OCs
Summary/Exceprt: When Rose told the story, she would insist it started with the Doctor buying a purse.

Author's Notes: Directly inspired by a conversation with the lovely [ profile] hysteriagalore.

or, Handy and the Murse )
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I totally posted not long ago, but too bad. Two matters of importance:

You know you wanna take this poll regarding which of Ten's lines is the most assholeish.

Secondly, [ profile] goldy_dollar and I are creating a Torchwood drinking game, specifically with the upcoming special/whatever this summer. So far we have:

-Torchwood causes the problem they then have to solve (1 drink)
-The Rift did it (1 drink)
-Jack stands on a roof (1 drink)
-Ianto and/or Jack cries (1 drink each)
-Someone makes out with and/or has sex with someone besides their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/partner (1 drink for Jack; 2 for Gwen and Ianto)
-Torchwood's fail actually kills some/many of the people they are attempting to save (1 drink)
-Some casual citizen who should know nothing about such a Top Secret Agency knows all about the Top Secret Agency (1 drink)
-Jack hugs a whale (drink the whole bottle)

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Title: Most of All
Rating: PG for emo
Genre: Angst
Characters: Ten, with hints of Donna
Spoilers?: All the way through to Planet of the Dead
Summary/Excerpt: It’s been months since he spent any decent amount of time on the TARDIS, what without eight-hour layovers as part of a daily routine, and so the prospect of finding a mug he hasn’t used in a room he hasn’t been in is, frankly, unsettling.

Author's Note: A line you may not recognize in this comes from this deleted scene from The Doctor's Daughter.

most of all )
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I have just completed by last paper for my second year, and I thought I would celebrate by spamming your flists with more Very Important Polls.

[Poll #1380490]

I used a highly scientific method to determine the options you see before you. If you would like an option explained or would like to suggest one, you may say so. ENJOY.
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Title: ...Have More Fun
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, alt!Donna, Jake, with a little bit of namedropping
Genre: Shameless fluff/humour
Spoilers?: Through 4x13
Summary: Everyone has a type.
Excerpt: “Nothing.” Rose shrugged, but from what he could see the smirk stayed in place. “Just that you’ve got a thing for blondes, that’s all.”

Author's notes: We all know it's true. And I think technically it's [ profile] goldy_dollar's birthday now since it's past midnight, so hurrah! A relatively insignificant addition to the Gingerbread 'verse.

...have more fun )
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Planet of the Dead trailer! )

Also, I apologize for posting entirely too much these last few days. If you all cut me immediately I will understand. Especially the five of you who don't watch Doctor Who, goddamn. Here is a tiny puppy as compensation.

Sorry for deleting and reposting, I wanted to add the poll and lj sucks at letting you edit that stuff.
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I can't stop loling at this )

Not that I'm surprised it exists or anything, that would just be silly. Never underestimate the internet.

Also, I found this after finding a Martha/Edward video. No lie.

Also also, I have a date with [ profile] katebert, some discounted Easter chocolate and my Doctor Who DVDs on the 14th. It may be the greatest day ever. I am sure she would agree with me except she is in Montreal kissing girls with cherry chapstick.

Posts with substance? What are those? Pft.
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Since we all know Facebook is the key to unambiguifying interpersonal relationships...

[Poll #1374442]

Inspired, as always, by a conversation with [ profile] bazcat89.

I have an interview with Health Canada tomorrow and I am ill. Somehow this seems foreboding.
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So [ profile] theepiccek gave me three people for this ninth-grader meme:

1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

She gave me Neil Patrick Harris, John Simm and Ben Barnes. )

So... there's that.

Also, [ profile] miss_mishi and I are comprising a list and we need your suggestions:

Five existing Time Lords the Doctor is clearly forgetting through his haze of emo and survivor's guilt: )
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Title: A Matter of Time (2/2)
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, an assortment of Tylers, alt!Donna, moar flashback!Ten and Donna
Genre: Humour and angst, with a bit of emphasis on the angst
Spoilers?: Through 4x13
Summary: Tony's eighth birthday party forces the Doctor to consider something he hadn't before: the possibility of children with Rose.
In this chapter: The Doctor does Sudoku, Rose gets angry, and two Donnas have drinks with two Doctors.
Excerpt: “A – a bad thing?” He shook his head and his interest in the top of his drink seemed renewed. “No, of course not, I.. love babies, babies are good, they’re very... very...” He looked helplessly over at the baby at the adjacent table. “...young.”

Author's Note: This part is almost twice as long as the previous chapter, but it doesn't break up well and I feel dumb constantly going back on my projected chapter count, so here you are. As before it's pat of the Gingerbread 'verse. And as with Gingerbread, you can play spot-the-crossover if you like.

Previously: Part One!
part two! )
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Come on guys, Dean Winchester? I THINK NOT.

There are no banners for the other brackets because I am not as invested -- I love Barney but respect the awesome of Jon Stewart and I don't like House that much. I also don't care aout Veronica Mars, but as the only female in the top 8 I feel obligated to support her.

Plus Spike always struck me as like a lame vampire version of Draco Malfoy, so idk.

eta- to quote [ profile] bazcat89, Supernatural seems like a slightly better American version of Torchwood that is still kind of fail. So it's a tad horrifying that Ten isn't beating it/him.
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Title: A Matter of Time (1/2)
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, an assortment of Tylers, eventual alt!Donna and Jake, Ten and proper!Donna ver. flashback
Genre: Humour and angst, with a bit of emphasis on the angst
Spoilers?: Through 4x13
Summary: Tony's eighth birthday party forces the Doctor to consider something he hadn't before.
Excerpt: Until earlier that day, he’d never considered the possibility any more than one considers the chance of rain a thousand miles away. Now it seemed obvious, and on top of it all he felt stupid as well as panicked.

Author's Note: This one I get to blame on [ profile] goldy_dollar, who insisted I write it after reading a one-sentence summary in that "five things of personal canon" meme. Also, she bribed me with coffee, so obviously it's her fault. This slots into the Gingerbread 'verse, but aside from some allusions there's nothing too crucial to know.

a matter of time )


Continue to part 2?
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Title: Rest & Relaxation
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Donna, Ten
Genre: Gen, with hints of fluff and angst. And humour, but it's Donna and the Doctor, so... y'know, duh.
Spoilers?: Set shortly after "Midnight" (4x10)
Summary: The Doctor has a headache.
Excerpt: “You heard me. You want to wear a track in the floor, do it somewhere else. God knows the ship’s big enough.” She lifts her book with both hands and waves it back and forth. “I’ve got good aim, you know.”

Author's Note: In my head this fic takes place a little after Extraordinary, which is immediately post-ep, but I don't reference anything specific, so it's not really neccessary to read that first.

some r&r )
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Title: Wait 'Til You Read Book Seven
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, Tony, Jackie
Genre: Humour
Summary: In which [ profile] _thirty2flavors offends everybody ever. The Doctor discovers a horrifying difference between that first universe and Pete's World.

Author's Note: Ages back when this scandal broke, I had a discussion with [ profile] bazcat89 that ultimately led to this. I would say none of the opinions reflected in this piece are my own, but that's not strictly true. I guess you'll just have to guess which ones. That said, I don't actually intend to offend anybody, this is just for lulz.

oh, i cried )
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Title: you can't
Rating: PG for angst?
Characters/Pairings: Ten(/Rose)
Spoilers?: For "Doomsday" and "Journey's End".
Genre: Angst
Summary/Exceprt: The last thing the fabric of reality needs is an impatient Time Lord poking holes in it because he misses a single human girl.

Author's Note: Truthfully this is my not-quite-subtle response to something I see a lot in fanfiction that's never quite gelled with me. Also, because clearly writing post-Doomsday angst is a rite of passage that I had not yet performed as a Doctor/Rose author.

you can't )
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Title: Romantic (With A Lowercase R)
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, alt!Donna, Jake
Genre: Humour, romance, fluff
Spoilers?: Yeah yeah, 4x13
Summary: In which Jake and Donna enjoy the romantic ineptitude of the Doctor and Rose.
Excerpt:Besides, Rose was quite certain if there’d ever been a human celebration crafted to make the Doctor uncomfortable, it was probably Valentine’s Day.

Author's Note: Set in the Gingerbread universe shortly after Revolution, but all you really need to know is that alt!Donna exists as a Vitex accountant. And is awesome.

Also, Valentine's Day is over, but too bad.

romantic, with a lowercase r )


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