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I have just completed by last paper for my second year, and I thought I would celebrate by spamming your flists with more Very Important Polls.

[Poll #1380490]

I used a highly scientific method to determine the options you see before you. If you would like an option explained or would like to suggest one, you may say so. ENJOY.
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Planet of the Dead trailer! )

Also, I apologize for posting entirely too much these last few days. If you all cut me immediately I will understand. Especially the five of you who don't watch Doctor Who, goddamn. Here is a tiny puppy as compensation.

Sorry for deleting and reposting, I wanted to add the poll and lj sucks at letting you edit that stuff.
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Since we all know Facebook is the key to unambiguifying interpersonal relationships...

[Poll #1374442]

Inspired, as always, by a conversation with [ profile] bazcat89.

I have an interview with Health Canada tomorrow and I am ill. Somehow this seems foreboding.
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Today (or was it yesterday?) [ profile] shiiki made a post that happened to link to this "HP Companion" thing, and I decided to peruse the whole thing. I'm obviously not into Harry Potter like I once was, but the books -- especially Philosopher's Stone -- still give me a kind of warm squishy feeling (otherwise known as "nostalgia" but stfu, I like "warm and squishy") and so the site made me go "awww". Plus I actually read a thing or two I didn't already know, which is really saying something.

If I was more eloquent this might be a post about childhood and/or nostalgia or something, but I am not, so instead I bring you a POLL. For SCIENCE.

Somehow by way of Twilight and Doctor Who I gathered a lot of people on my flist who ship H/Hr. So I bring you questions. For science, and great justice.

[Poll #1352688]


On a totally unrelated note, look a meme:


I don't usually do these. I guess I was feeling narcisstic. Link me if you've got one!
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There's a bus strike here and basically the whole city is dooooomed, because it's winter and exams are on and people who lack cars have no way to get anywhere. Also I have an exam tomorrow morning, but I am unconcerned and so [ profile] bazcat89 and I are discussing Fanfiction Trope #87 - Excessively Crying Male.

Anyway, that leads me to this BURNING QUESTION I have for you, my friends:

[Poll #1312493]

ETA - As [ profile] christycorr has pointed out I made a greivous error in forgetting THE TRAGIC DEMISE OF DOBBY, but I cannot edit it into the poll. You may show your support in the comments if you so choose.


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