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Title: A Matter of Time (1/2)
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, an assortment of Tylers, eventual alt!Donna and Jake, Ten and proper!Donna ver. flashback
Genre: Humour and angst, with a bit of emphasis on the angst
Spoilers?: Through 4x13
Summary: Tony's eighth birthday party forces the Doctor to consider something he hadn't before.
Excerpt: Until earlier that day, he’d never considered the possibility any more than one considers the chance of rain a thousand miles away. Now it seemed obvious, and on top of it all he felt stupid as well as panicked.

Author's Note: This one I get to blame on [ profile] goldy_dollar, who insisted I write it after reading a one-sentence summary in that "five things of personal canon" meme. Also, she bribed me with coffee, so obviously it's her fault. This slots into the Gingerbread 'verse, but aside from some allusions there's nothing too crucial to know.

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Continue to part 2?
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Give me a character and I will give you at least five facts about them according to my own personal canon. This can range from their birthday, favorite color or even their earliest memory up to what they had last night for dinner.

Obviously you should pick a character I know, otherwise I will just say "sorry, please play again".
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Title: Rest & Relaxation
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Donna, Ten
Genre: Gen, with hints of fluff and angst. And humour, but it's Donna and the Doctor, so... y'know, duh.
Spoilers?: Set shortly after "Midnight" (4x10)
Summary: The Doctor has a headache.
Excerpt: “You heard me. You want to wear a track in the floor, do it somewhere else. God knows the ship’s big enough.” She lifts her book with both hands and waves it back and forth. “I’ve got good aim, you know.”

Author's Note: In my head this fic takes place a little after Extraordinary, which is immediately post-ep, but I don't reference anything specific, so it's not really neccessary to read that first.

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Title: Wait 'Til You Read Book Seven
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, Tony, Jackie
Genre: Humour
Summary: In which [ profile] _thirty2flavors offends everybody ever. The Doctor discovers a horrifying difference between that first universe and Pete's World.

Author's Note: Ages back when this scandal broke, I had a discussion with [ profile] bazcat89 that ultimately led to this. I would say none of the opinions reflected in this piece are my own, but that's not strictly true. I guess you'll just have to guess which ones. That said, I don't actually intend to offend anybody, this is just for lulz.

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Today (or was it yesterday?) [ profile] shiiki made a post that happened to link to this "HP Companion" thing, and I decided to peruse the whole thing. I'm obviously not into Harry Potter like I once was, but the books -- especially Philosopher's Stone -- still give me a kind of warm squishy feeling (otherwise known as "nostalgia" but stfu, I like "warm and squishy") and so the site made me go "awww". Plus I actually read a thing or two I didn't already know, which is really saying something.

If I was more eloquent this might be a post about childhood and/or nostalgia or something, but I am not, so instead I bring you a POLL. For SCIENCE.

Somehow by way of Twilight and Doctor Who I gathered a lot of people on my flist who ship H/Hr. So I bring you questions. For science, and great justice.

[Poll #1352688]


On a totally unrelated note, look a meme:


I don't usually do these. I guess I was feeling narcisstic. Link me if you've got one!
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Title: you can't
Rating: PG for angst?
Characters/Pairings: Ten(/Rose)
Spoilers?: For "Doomsday" and "Journey's End".
Genre: Angst
Summary/Exceprt: The last thing the fabric of reality needs is an impatient Time Lord poking holes in it because he misses a single human girl.

Author's Note: Truthfully this is my not-quite-subtle response to something I see a lot in fanfiction that's never quite gelled with me. Also, because clearly writing post-Doomsday angst is a rite of passage that I had not yet performed as a Doctor/Rose author.

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Title: Romantic (With A Lowercase R)
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Ten2/Rose, alt!Donna, Jake
Genre: Humour, romance, fluff
Spoilers?: Yeah yeah, 4x13
Summary: In which Jake and Donna enjoy the romantic ineptitude of the Doctor and Rose.
Excerpt:Besides, Rose was quite certain if there’d ever been a human celebration crafted to make the Doctor uncomfortable, it was probably Valentine’s Day.

Author's Note: Set in the Gingerbread universe shortly after Revolution, but all you really need to know is that alt!Donna exists as a Vitex accountant. And is awesome.

Also, Valentine's Day is over, but too bad.

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Title: Of Walking Through Dust, and Impossible Things
Characters/Pairings: Donna Noble, a dash of the Doctor and a side of just about everyone else.
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen
Spoilers: Through 4x13
Summary/Exceprt: Everyone asks where she’s been, lately, and Donna finds herself saying “the usual” so many times she wonders if it might be better to get it tattooed on her forehead.

of impossible things )
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I never answer these but HOW CAN I NOT?

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I have to admit I have an inclination towards Bret, though if that is just the result of his character being more endearing, I don't know. I said this to Lisa once and she said "so you like hobbits".

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In a fit of madness and possibly awesomeness, [ profile] inksplotched, [ profile] likeserendipity and I present:

[ profile] atasteof! A Taste of Everything, a Multi-Fandom Recs Community.

A Taste of Everything will feature recs from a variety of fandoms with a variety of pairings and genres -- emphasis on (you guessed it) variety. Right now we're a team of three -- [ profile] inksplotched will be reccing for Harry Potter, [ profile] likeserendipity's in charge of Twilight and I'm your rep for Doctor Who. About 2-3 recs will be posted per week per fandom.

We're also looking to expand our fandomy horizons, so if you'd like to represent a fandom, or even suggest a fic in any fandom, let us know! We're particularly interested in finding people for the following fandoms:

  • The Office -- hurrah, [ profile] miss_mishi!
  • Gossip Girl
  • Merlin
  • Supernatural
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Narnia -- welcome aboard [ profile] popplewells!

...but if you're interested in another, feel free to apply here!

Watch us, apply, suggest a fic or simply look around.
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So a while ago it came to my attention that contrary to what I'd previously believed, I'd never actually seen the last five or so episodes of Arrested Development. ...Which explained why I never had any idea how the show ended.

Anyway, with the help of HotSpot I watched what I missed on Hulu, and if I may say so:

I TOTALLY FORGOT HOW AWESOME THIS SHOW IS BUT NOW I AM ASHAMED THAT I FORGOT. WHY IS IT SO AWESOME? The finale was basically everything I wanted and more. It's... I love them all. I don't have time to be more elaborate because I need to go to class, but still. This was the first television show I started actually watching, and I think it just reclaimed its title as my favourite sitcom. Sorry Office/Scrubs/HIMYM, it was my first love.

Re: the entire movide debacle, I don't know if a movie is a good idea or not but I'd definitely see it. And if Michael Cera actually is holding out, what a diva, it's not like he doesn't play George Michael in every wannabe-indie movie he's in.
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Title: Revolution (3/3)
Rating: PG
Genre: Some fluff, some angst, some humour. Standard fare, really.
: Ten2/Rose, alt!Donna, with guest appearances from the rest of the Tylers and Jake
Spoilers?: Through season 4
Summary: It's been a year to the day since Rose and her part-human Doctor wound up in Norway.
In this chapter: The Doctor feels guilty, Donna feels furious, and Rose attempts to keep the peace.
Excerpt: "“Like your mum did it with a Martian or something?”"

Author's note: This turned out a bit angstier than I previously anticipated, as well as longer. Also, more than a month between updates FAIL, I apologize, my excuse is that I had to write something for a fic exchange. And also I just suck.

As before, this is set in the same universe as Gingerbread, which introduces this version alt!Donna.

Previous Chapters: Part one is here, part two is here.

part three )
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...Which I Have Established With Various Sources, Including [ profile] callmepatsy and [ profile] bazcat89:

  • Dwight Schrute runs a serious, discussion-oriented Harry Potter livejournal community with Edward Cullen.
  • Generally they disagree on most things, though; Dwight is in it for the plot, but Edward is in it for the shipping.
  • ...Edward leaves the community after the release of The Half-Blood Prince, because Ron is lewd, foul-mouthed and disrespectful of women, and Ginny is a tart. One is not meant to have so many relations prior to finding one's soulmate.
  • The Doctor was banned from this community early on due to his tendency to "accidentally" post spoilers.
  • ...sometimes several books early.
  • In his anger and defiance of rules, he also got Martha's account banned. Martha was more upset over the fact that he might find her filtered entries in which she complains about his wangsting over Rose.
  • The Doctor and Edward become fast friends during series 3/New Moon.
  • ...even though they each think the other is a whiny, emo bitch.
  • The Master intentionally posts spoilers without cuts. For everything. All the time.
  • Dwight discredits all of these spoilers as "ridiculous" and "impossible" and "an insult to the writers". When they turn out to be true, a small part of his soul dies.
  • The Master is this guy. He wears this shirt to the major releases of all the movies involved. M Night Shyamalan is his favourite director.
  • Most importantly, the Master leaked Midnight Sun.

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Title: Good Taste
Rating: PG
Characers/Pairings: Eleven, Rose, and a dash of Ten2
Spoilers?: Um yeah for.. everything.
Summary: By her third lap past the bench, Rose is certain the man is staring at her.
Excerpt: “I think you’ll find people are notoriously bad at believing in things, even if that thing is right in front of them.”

Author's Note: Yeah I know, Eleven fic. Probably once series 5 starts this will look hilarious and awful, but until that time... free-for-all! Also, not like anyone's keeping score at home, but if they are, I promise I haven't totally abandoned Revolution; the third part's nearly done, but I wanted to write this first. A break, if you will.

good taste )
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So happy new year, all that good stuff. While I personally am not totally excited for 2009 in any real way, well, at least this way it probably won't disappoint me!

Mostly I am posting this for the benefit of people like [ profile] bazcat89 who, unlike me, may not have a plethora of Doctor Who fans on their flist who have already posted this: They're announcing Eleven tomorrow!

Which I guess means if you're placing any bets you should probably do that now. Personally I'm pulling for Billie Piper, because nothing says love like stealing someone's body.


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