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I think by episode five it is safe to say that I am not dazzled. That's alright, I didn't really expect to be -- I will probably keep wathing anyway because otherwise I don't know what [ profile] christycorr and [ profile] sweetcherrytree are talking about and clearly my ability to jump in and start hijacking conversations is highly important. Some thoughts in no particular order:

-The themesong/opening narration/photoshop montage at the begining IS SO HILARIOUS. I just about died during the first episode, and then when it was like "and JOHN HURT as the voice of the dragon" I did die.

-I'm totally apathetic towards ships, as usual. I know everyone ships Arthur/Merlin like burning but I don't care beyond the lulz. I do find the Gwen/Arthur flirtation really awkward, and the Gwen/Lancelot stuff that just happened was also really awkward. I don't particularly dislike Gwen, but her flirting is always so painful. I was definitely getting a pretty strong Lancelot/Merlin vibe, and I just realized Lancelot reminds me of Caspian which is why I was so amused by him. Huh.

-Morgana irritates me. Luckily she does jack all so I don't have to dael with her much, but every time she comes in and bats her eyelashes and failflirts with Arthur I am just like stfuuuuu. Actress is pretty, though, I'm jealous of her hair.

-lol Eve Myles

-lol Lady Christina

-Merlin's brief moment of teenage OMG U DONT CARE ABOUT ME angst in this episode was really bizarre and misplaced. Gaius tries to stop Merlin from getting his ass kicked at every turn and Merlin constantly ignores him. I think it is decidedly unfair to suddenly claim that Gaius does not care.

-Speaking of, Merlin's plans are consistently Scooby Doo worthy. "Let's just pretend you're the son of this dude! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?"

-That episode where Arthur rock-climbs with the help of Merlin's friendly glowy ball thing was hysterical.

-Every single thing Uther does is hysterical. I don't know if this is left-over lulz from when I watched Buffy as a kid, because Giles is literally like the only thing I remember from that show, or if it's just because he's ridiculous. I love that every episode includes some variant of "I THINK IT'S MAGIC, UTHER" "NO SHUT YOUR FACE". Maybe it's lupus.

-I like Arthur. I'd hit it.

-Oh, is the "magic" language Old English, or does it just sound an awful lot like Old English?

-I don't know virtually anything about fashion of the time period and from what I undesrstand it's not like this show gives a shit about fashion of the time period, so are Morgana's dresses legit? They look like something I could go buy at the store right now. Her bare shoulders feel very scandalous. But like I said, my knowledge of this stuff is zilch.

-The special effects are hilarious, and I watch Doctor Who. Also, every time Merlin's eyes glow I am SO AMUSED.

In conclusion, my response is a resounding "meh". Given that I have more than a week until my next exam, though, it's something to do. At least until someone uploads the missing episodes of Flight of the Conchords season 2.

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