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Doctor Who

Most of All
PG; Ten
In the library, the Doctor finds a mug.

...Have More Fun
PG13; Ten2/Rose, alt!Donna, Jake
“Nothing.” Rose shrugged, but from what he could see the smirk stayed in place. “Just that you’ve got a thing for blondes, that’s all.”

A Matter of Time
PG13; Ten2/Rose, alt!Donna, the Tylers, Jake
He’d never been able to deny Rose anything. How could he possibly tell her that he didn’t want to start a family with her?

Rest & Relaxation
PG; Donna, Ten
“You heard me. You want to wear a track in the floor, do it somewhere else. God knows the ship’s big enough.”

Wait 'Til You Read Book Seven
PG; Ten2, Tony, Rose, Jackie
“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?” she read aloud. She sent him a strange glance. “I thought you liked these books.”

You Can't
PG; Ten
The walls close, and he doesn’t look for a way to rip them open.

Romantic (With a Lowercase R)
PG; Rose/Ten2, alt!Donna
Besides, Rose was quite certain if there’d ever been a human celebration crafted to make the Doctor uncomfortable, it was probably Valentine’s Day. Rose held no delusions about him being the sort to enjoy candlelit dinners or long talks about feelings – he was, after all, still the man who’d said “quite right too”.

Of Walking Through Dust, and Impossible Things
PG; Donna
Everyone asks where she’s been, lately, and Donna finds herself saying “the usual” so many times she wonders if it might be better to get it tattooed on her forehead.

Good Taste
PG; Rose/Ten2, Eleven
By her third lap past the bench, Rose is certain the man is staring at her.
*Nominated in the 2009 Children of Time Awards, "Rose Tyler" category

PG13; Ten2/Rose, alt!Donna
It had been – or would be, in a few short hours -- an entire revolution of a parallel Earth around a parallel Sol, and the Doctor wasn’t sure what he was supposed to feel.

ourselves we find in the sea
PG; Ten/Rose, River, Martha, Donna
"Have you been to a beach? All the families and the stray beach balls and the creatures in the water waiting to nibble on your squishy human toes and the sand, do you realize how hard it is to get sand out of things?"

PG; Donna, Ten
“They were scared,” was all the Doctor would say, and for once Donna found herself wishing he’d relinquish the moral high ground and admit that they were wrong, wrong, wrong, cowards and idiots and quite nearly murderers.

Some Sort of Time Lord Code
PG; Donna, Ten
She asks because she’s curious. She asks because she doesn’t know what "lost" really means. She asks because she remembers the crack in his voice when he’d said the girl’s name, and she asks because maybe the universe had its own plans for Rose, too.

PG13; Rose/Ten2, alt!Donna
She takes a sip of her champagne and watches him over the rim of her glass, and there’s no friendly recognition, no sign that she knows him better than he’d like at times, nothing beyond the curiosity of a stranger.

The Chances We Create
PG; Donna, Ten
She supposes they’re alike in that sense, her and the Doctor -- terrified of letting anyone see what’s underneath. You talk all the time, but you never say anything.

Stuck With You
PG; Martha, Ten
Stuck again, she thinks; at least this time, she supposes, there isn’t a bizarre brand of amnesia to wrestle with.

Chase Your Demons Away
PG; Rose/Ten2, Tony
Tony accepts the man in the hallway as the same flesh-and-blood action hero from all Rose’s stories, full stop. Tony doesn’t find the human warmth of the Doctor’s skin strange or send him pointed looks if he says something more Donna than Doctor. Tony probably doesn’t dream about beaches and pinstripes, either.

Just One Trip
PG; Rose/Ten2, Jackie, Tony
“No one’s going to eat him, Mum,” said Rose, around the same time the Doctor said, “what is it with you lot and Martians?”

A Discourse on Alien Physiology, With Donna Noble
PG13; Donna, Ten
Even as she says it, Donna realizes it is probably quite rude to repeat someone’s age so many times in a single conversation. But really, she figures, it’s just as rude to go around looking like that when you’re a bloody millennium old, so they’re even.

Nothing Gold
PG; Ten/Rose, Mickey
Poetically speaking it was a sick but accurate allegory, and the letter that lay tucked into his breast pocket seemed impossibly heavy. Minutes for him, decades for her. Dead and gone in the blink of an eye.

Such Sweet Sorrow
PG13; Donna, Ten, Rose, Ten2
It was going to sting, returning to an empty ship after seeing it so full.

of Costumes, Superheroes and Personal Space
PG; Rose/Ten2
He wiggled his eyebrows in his aren’t I a genius? way that was typically reserved for things like growing a new TARDIS, building a new sonic screwdriver or figuring out the most efficient way to peel bananas.

Say Goodnight and Goodbye
PG13; Donna, Ten2
For the first time, she wonders how you deal with a love triangle when two of the parties are the same person in every way that counts. Not for the first time, she wonders what the Doctor did to the universe to make it so hell-bent on tormenting him.

Where the Heart is
PG; Rose/Ten2, Tony
The Doctor was drawing. With crayons.

Suggestive Selling
PG13; Rose/Ten2
"D'you want a wedding?"

For A Hundred Indecisions
PG13; Rose/Ten2, Donna
“That’s – that’s not fair, you can’t show someone those things and then take it away. Those memories are the only thing that got me through the last three years!”

This Brave New World
PG13; Rose/Ten2
He was made for traveling, for floating through space like driftwood, absorbing everything around him and occasionally saving a civilization or two.

to keep on breathing for
PG13; Ten2
For a long while he feels just slightly out of synch, like there’s a beat missing from the time signature or like there’s a scratch in the CD that still makes you jump, even after you’ve heard it a hundred times.

Made of the Same Stuff
G; Jackie/Pete, Rose/Ten2
“It was the same with your father, you know,” Jackie says four days after Norway, because in all the confusion of worlds being saved and the Tyler women bringing home a different man, four days later is the first chance she gets.

Harry Potter

Not So Vile A Sin
PG13; Lily/James
“I don’t get how you can honestly be like this,” Lily announced, somewhat arbitrarily, as she looked up from her essay.

The Sun Will Come Out
G; Lily/James, Sirius, Remus, Peter
Some days, Lily thinks there's no way they won't win.

Crossing the T's -- collaboration with [ profile] latine
PG13; Dorea/Charlus
In the 1930s, Tom Riddle is just a boy, Dumbledore is just a teacher, Grindelwald is undefeated and, as it happens, a Potter and a Black are paired together in Potions.

Thirteen Steps to the End of the World
PG13; Lily/James, Remus, Sirius, Peter
"The only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire is incoming friendly fire."
*Best One-Shot, Popular Vote & Best Drama in 2008 Hourglass Awards

five people lily evans never fell in love with
PG13; Lily
Right around the end of third year, every girl in the castle develops a crush on Sirius Black.

G; Remus, Sirius
A collection of pilgrimages to Godric's Hollow.

Puzzle Pieces
A collection of unrelated drabbles.
*Winner of Best Drabble Collection, 3rd Place in 2008 Hourglass Awards

Seven Looks at Luck, Life and Love
PG13; Teddy Lupin
Everyone says his parents were heroes, like heroics can read you bedtime stories or see you off to Hogwarts or send you Howlers for getting detentions.

Harmless Soliders
PG13; Regulus
What Regulus hates most about the Order is that they don't wear masks.

Splits in the Skin
PG; Regulus, Sirius
"Family quarrels are bitter things. They don't go by any rules. They're not like aches or wounds; they're more like splits in the skin that won't heal because there's not enough material." -- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Delayed Reaction
PG; Sirius
Sirius does not let himself feel the grief - grief over losing them, grief over losing everything -- until he sees Harry.

A Thoroughly Unremarkable Day -- Incomplete; Abandoned
PG13; Remus, Tonks
Three years of training, practice duels, rigorous testing, and lecture after lecture from Moody for this? Following a devastatingly boring man while he went about daily errands?

PG; Various
What do you see when you look in the mirror?

PG13; Regulus, Kreacher
He was not designed for this, for acts of bravery.

Silly Love Songs -- Incomplete; Abandoned
PG13; Lily/James
Lily was well aware she wasn’t the damsel in distress. She wasn’t the heroine in a Victoria Holt novel or the neglected princess in a faraway castle. She wasn’t Juliet and she wasn’t anticipating a Romeo any time soon.
*Nominee, Best Romance in 2007 Hourglass Awards

PG13; Remus
"I may never see them again and they… they don’t trust me. Not at all."

How Lovely Are Thy Branches
PG13; Regulus, Sirius
Sirius thought you could tell a lot about a family from their Christmas tree.

PG13; Lily, Sirius, Remus
“Do you hate me?”

PG13; Lily, Sirius, James
Lily can’t seem to shake the feeling that this will be the last time she ever sees Sirius Black.
*Winner, Best One-Shot, Second Place in 2007 Hourglass Awards

The First Link
PG13; Severus
With a growl of irritation, Severus drummed his fingers on the table. They were late ten minutes already; his Firewhisky was warm and his patience was thin.

When Those Blue Snowflakes Start Falling
PG; Various
A collection of Christmas drabbles.

Kiss'er Once For Me
PG; Lily/James
Ah, the familiar irritated shriek of Lily Evans. It'd been nearly a week since he last heard it!

Trick or Treat
PG; Remus
Of all the holidays, Halloween is the worst.

Never, Not Really
PG13; Bellatrix, Regulus
It is an anxiety he hasn’t expressed to anyone before, not even kind-hearted Andromeda, and he isn’t entirely sure why he’s chosen to tell Bellatrix. He supposes it’s because he’s her favorite. He’s always been her favorite.

All on Black
PG; Bellatrix, Andromeda, Narcissa, Regulus, Sirius
The Sorting of the last generation of Blacks.

A Promise Unborn
PG13; Merope
“Odd, isn’t it, how some people will let themselves go?”

A Picture's Worth
PG; Lily, Marauders
In exactly 1,000 words, Lily reflects on a picture that means a lot to her.

On the Bright Side
PG; Lily, Remus, James
Everyone forgets the third-corner of a love triangle.

To Die For
PG13; James
They always say that right before you die, your life flashes before your eyes. I never bought it.

Enter Stage Left
PG; Severus, Regulus
"You're a terrible actor, Black."

Make a Wish
PG; Lily, James
Without a doubt, he took the cake – no, scratch that, James would never settle for just taking the cake. Potter would take the entire bakery.

PG; James
Possibly the thing he misses most about his parents is the ability to crawl into their bed after he's had a nightmare.

Queen of Pain
PG; Sirius, Bellatrix
If he continues staring at me like that without saying anything, I am going to rip every single hair from his stupid little eight-year-old head and line his coffin with them.

Twice as Bright
PG13; Petunia
She introduced him as James Potter, he shook your hand, and you knew, instantly, that she'd outdone you again.
*Winner, Best One-Shot, 2007 Hourglass Awards

Who Plays the Reaper
PG13; Regulus
Waiting for a certain appointment, Regulus reflects on the similarities of either side of the war and the ethics of fighting fire with fire
*Winner, Mod's Choice in July 2005 Scrivenshaft Challenge

Lost and Found
PG13; Remus, Tonks
They’re scared of us, he thought. They were scared of grief. Perhaps they thought it contagious.

We Could Be Something
PG; Nine/Rose (Doctor Who), Jim/Pam (The Office US), Remus/Sirius (Harry Potter)
There are a thousand things wrong with this picture and really he shouldn’t be thinking this way.

the ghosts that broke my heart before i met you
PG; Jacob/Bella (Twilight), Remus/Tonks, Sirius (Harry Potter), Karen/Jim (The Office US), Martha/Ten (Doctor Who)
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