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To be more accurate, this journal is half-locked. Fanfiction and fandom posts will still be unlocked, so if you're only here for my fics, feel free to friend me anonymously like so many of you have. However, if you're at all interested in getting to know me, drop me a line on this post, tell me why you want in (as in where you know me from) and I'll see what I can do. I'm not too picky, but I like to have some control over who reads what.

I'm Kali (that's pronounced kay-lee, for the record, even though most of you have always and will always read it as "Callie") and I'm in my second year towards a degree as an English major. What I plan do with an English degree is anybody's guess, so if you know of any deluxe boxes that might be fit for inhabiting, let me know in three years, yeah?

I used to have two seperate ljs, one for fandom and one for "real life", but lately the "real life" one has fallen out of use and this one has become more of a mixture. Because of that I've decided to semi-lock it, if only so that not everyone who's ever read my fanfiction knows everything about me, ever. That said, the likelihood of these posts ever getting too personal is probably kind of slim; I'm not much of a Which is totally incorrect usage of the word journalist, but let's pretend.

As far as trivial (yet not-so-trivial when it comes to livejournal, I'd imagine) things like bands and books and all that good stuff, here's a brief synopsis of favourites:

books: harry potter. 5 people you meet in heaven. dress your family in corduroy and denim. the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. invisible monsters. angela's ashes.

movies: the princess bride. big fish. moulin rouge. finding neverland. v for vendetta. the emperor's new groove. the lion king. sweeney todd. across the universe. lady and the tramp. 101 dalmatians. talladega nights. zoolander. etc.

television: doctor who. the office. scrubs. pushing daisies. arrested development. curb your enthusiasm. how i met your mother. the simpsons. flight of the conchords.

music: alkaline trio. the format. flight of the conchords. motion city soundtrack. matchbox 20. regina spektor. fiona apple. kate nash. a fine frenzy. eve6. streetlight manifesto. the killers. frank sinatra. etc.

ships: james/lily, snape/lily, remus/tonks, dorea/charlus, an entirely comprehensive list for HP is here because I'm a huge nerd. jim/pam, dwight/angela, kelly/ryan (the office). the doctor/rose (Doctor Who). ned/chuck (Pushing Daisies).

As for the rest, well, you'll have to find out. DUN DUN DUN?

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